Our Impact


At SunTec, we are very passionate about touching the lives of Kenyans. We believe that energy efficient power sources such as solar products and cook stoves can significantly improve the lives of disadvantaged families resulting in greater social equity.


We expect our efforts to positively impact the areas of:


Kerosene based lighting is associated with a number of negative health effects such as respiratory & eye-related illnesses due to carbon fumes and the poor quality of light, all of which would be avoided through the use of quality solar products. Cook stoves effectively reduce indoor air pollution by up to 50 - 80% compared to traditional charcoal or wood methods.



Children from less privileged homes would with solar lanterns be able to extend evening studies, making it possible for them to perform better hence narrowing the quality of education gap between Kenya's socio-economic groups.




Every year, over a billion tones of CO2 are released into the atmosphere leading to serious environmental degradation that could be greatly reduced through the use of clean energy from solar products and cook stoves that generate lower toxic emissions. Modern cook stoves result in lower fuel consumption reducing the pressure on our forest reserves.


Crowd Sourcing                  Economic Empowerment

Solar products and cook stoves would reduce the burden on the poor with respect to proportion of income spent on lighting and cooking. Our income generation scheme provides an opportunity for Kenyans to earn some money to support their families even better. In addition, solar lanterns make it possible to extend business hours particularly for small business enterprises. 



Social Welfare

In the recent past, our country has seen a number of slum fires as a result of kerosene use and these unfortunate incidents could be avoided through use of solar products and cook stoves. Additionally, homes with clean and safe lighting and cooking products would benefit from an uplifted sense of wellbeing.