SunTec works mainly with rural communities and has reasonable experience in mobilization of large community forums comprising mainly of women groups. At these meetings, we emphasize consumer education on benefits of solar and improved cook stoves for sustainable change in behavior. We believe in facilitating the provision of innovative financing options from lending institutions in order to address the key affordability hurdle facing most of our lower income households that can iff afford conventional loans.



Selected images from some community forums and group engagement can be viewed below:


  • TCM's Community Development Representative opens the meeting

  • Chairman of the local committee in Magadi makes introductory remarks at a community forum.

  • SunTec welcoming the different stakeholders at a meeting.

  • Introducing other members of SunTec during a community forum.

  • Women at their weekly group meeting where SunTec shared information on solar products and cook stoves.

  • SunTec coordinator presents a woman with her solar lantern as her husband look on.

  • A group of men in Meru take delivery of their solar lanterns.

  • A proud owner of an energy efficient wood cook stove.

  • An MFI Manager gives an overview of the MFI operations.

  • A Credit Manager explains financing facility

  • A solar lantern demonstration by a TRONY representative at a community forum.

  • World Bank team engages the crowd




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