We offer a number of solar lantern models that come with their own solar panel, cables and mobile phone charging adapters. Our products are manufactured by Omnivoltaic Power Co. Ltd. (Omnivoltaic), a specialist producer of Off-Grid Power (OGP) products used by customers worldwide and particularly those living in un-electrified households. Omnivoltaic is an international incorporated in Hong Kong, and has operating offices in Hong Kong, China, Kenya and Papua New Guinea. 

Each solar lantern will make its way into a home where a family will benefit from clean, safe and adequate light for children to study, chores to be performed and generally improve the quality of life.

At SunTec, we only distribute products that have been through a rigorous world bank testing program and as such, cases of consumer dissatisfaction are minimized.

Our Solar Lanterns are:

  • Many times brighter than a kerosene lamp (200+ lumens on main light)
  • 2 year warranty
  • 5 years service life
  • Can charge mobile phones

Key Specifications

  • UV Free High Efficiency LED (over 5 hours operating time)
  • 200+ Lumens in brightness
  • Mobile phone charging
  • High temperature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery
  • High Impact Resistant and Water Proof
  • Remote Control/ Torch
  • Multiple Lighting levels
  • Crystalline Photovoltaic panel


        MB2- 200                                     MB2-290                                        MB2-380



Health related risks associated with combustion of biomass fuel are said to kill more than 2 million people every year — more than the number of deaths from malaria; Stoves that reduce indoor air pollution effectively minimize these risks.

Kenya’s forests are rapidly declining due to pressure mainly from increased population, building material and wood fuel; Efficient use of wood fuel that does not waste energy reduces unnecessary forest degradation.

In Africa, women are known to spend up to 30 hours a week walking long distances to fetch firewood; Use of fuel efficient stoves would ensure time is saved for use on other productive activities.



SunTec has now partnered with BIMAS LIMITED, an MFI that has designed an innovative affordable solar loan product targeted at lower income rural households. BIMAS currently operates in mainly eastern anad Central Kenya and is a participant in the ongoing Lighting Global (IFC) program that focuses on facilitation of financing for groups.